Work For A Living? Lost Your Job? This Show Is Still For You!

If you work for a living, you are probably fed up with life these days. Due to the economic recession, caused by the excesses of the previous administration, American jobs are being eliminated in droves as many companies go bankrupt. Your earning power is decreasing and the cost of living is skyrocketing.

President Obama has the unenviable task of repairing the damage caused by years of deregulation. He can't do it alone. He needs our help. That's where The Jack Wade Show comes in. My show will be the voice of working people, unemployed people and especially the group of people formerly known as the middle class.

In other words I speak to and for a group of people that range from those who are barely hanging on to those who are going under for the third time. I WILL fight for these people! I will make sure they become America's number one priority. I will make sure YOU become America's number one priority!

Tell a friend about The Jack Wade Show. You will be doing him and our country a favor. The more of us there are, the more political clout we have. We will be stronger than any corporate lobbyist in Washington.

Here's another way you can get the word out about us. Did you know that you can click on the little letter icon that is in the BlogTalkRadio player and it will send an email to your friends about this show. If you like us, please tell everyone.

Thank you for listening and spreading the word. (1/20/2009 1:12 AM)


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