Deregulation Has Come Home To Roost

Well, Well, well, is anyone surprised about what happened to Lehman. You are? Really! Did you know that these problems are actually caused by 28 years of government deregulation under the auspices of a series of Republican administrations (with the excepetion of Clinton who signed major banking deregulation legislation), starting whith their beloved Ronald Reagan that helped to get us in the mess we're in today.

Guess what? We need government regulations to prevent the kind of wonton greed and stupidity that we've seen in this age of "free" Market economic policies. Republicans are always complaining about taxpayers having to foot the bill for government social programs. At least those programs help people in need. Look who the government is bailing out now. I don't ever want to hear any Republican blubbering about tax and spend Democrats after this disaster. (9/16/2008 11:55 PM)