About Us.......

My name is Jack Wade. I am a multifaceted radio personality, who has done everything from a radio show spinning records on a local station, to broadcast engineering, to selling insurance. I have been around a long time and have seen America at it's best. In my humble opinion, our country is in bad shape these days.

I love the good old USA and can't let it down. Therefore, it is my duty as an American to go back on the air, but this time with a purpose and a mission, to restore America to it's rightful place as a world leader in every positive category, manufacturing, technology, health care and ethics.

America is becoming a country without a product. American corporations have to start realizing that they are American corporations. They have to stop outsourcing Jobs and manufacturing to third world countries. Corporate shopping for cheap labor overseas amounts to legalized slavery and an unpatriotic act. Together, we will let them know that working Americans are also consumers. If they want us to buy their products, they must manufacture them here! Also, let them treat us with respect by having their customer service here in America, not in an Indian call center. You can never understand what those guys are saying anyway and they don't understand you.